A new year and a brand new issue of American Music Magazine. As always, the magazine includes loads of interesting features, first and foremost is an extensive piece on Jimmy Work by Dominique Anglares; Claes-HåkanOlofsson presented a smaller article on Jimmy in ’86, but this time around we have new information and pictures plus lots of vintage adverts and reviews from ‘back in the day’. In the colour section, as well as images of Jimmy’s records, we have pictures from four Jerry Lee Lewis gigs: 1978 (Gota Lejon, Stockholm), 1985 (Stockholm and Dartford), and 1987 (Gothenburg). Elsewhere Andy Merey reaches part 13 in his ‘Instrumentals Forever’ series, whilst Alexander Petrauskas contributes an article on Texan country musician Charlie Brown. Completing the magazine we have a review of Rhythm Riot! 2018, the latest instalment in our ‘Tough Cookies’ series which looks at Big Mama Thornton, Big Maybelle and Little Esther with short bios accompanied by great photos and, last but not least, a heap of record reviews of both CDs and vinyl.


Nytt år och ny AM, som alltid med massor av intressanta artiklar. Vi har fått en rejält uppdaterad och utökad artikel om Jimmy Work från Dominique Anglares, Classe gjorde den första i RPM år 1986, men här bjuds vi mer information, nya bilder samt massor med annonser och recensioner. I färgbilagan har vi, förutom skivetiketter på Jimmys skivor, bilder från Torbjön Calvero från fyra shower med Jerry Lee Lewis 1978 (Göta lejon), 1985 (Stockholm och Dartford) och 1987 (Göteborg). Andy Merey fortsätter med sin följetong om instrumentalmusik och är nu kommen till avsnitt 13 och Charlie Brown presenteras av Alexander Petrauskas. Recension från Rhythm Riot 2018 och i serien Tough Cookies har vi korta presentationer av Big Mama Thornton, Big Maybelle och Little Esther. Och som vanligt rundas tidningen av med många recensioner av nya utgåvor både på vinyl och cd



American Music Magazine is published by the Swedish Rock 'n' Roll Club. We are a non profit organisation devoted to the 1950s rock 'n' roll music and our intention is to document, as far as possible, the early years of rock-a-billy, rock 'n' roll and its related artforms. The text of the magazine is in Swedish and English. Each issue is full of original photographs and discographies.

AM works in co-operation with the "Tales From The Woods" Roots Music Social Networking Group in the U.K. The aim is to collaborate to keep rock ‘n' roll, its history, and its many talented artists and musicians alive for posterity and future generations – this through sharing articles that have appeared in our magazines over the years, helping each other with publicity and generally spreading the word not just to the converted, but also to those yet to share our enthusiasm.


American Music Magazine är producerad av 1950s rockfans för rockfans och är en svensk tidning med både svensk och engelsk text. Tidningen utkommer med tre nummer om året och handlar företrädesvis om 50-tals rock 'n' roll, rock-a-billy och relaterade musikformer som exempelvis hillbilly/country och rhythm ’n’ blues. American Music Magazine drivs helt ideelt utan ekonomisk vinning.

American Music Magazine samarbetar med "Tales From The Wood - Roots Music Social Networking Group" som är ett namnkunnigt engelskt nätverk med bred verksamhet inom vår musik. Syftet är att gemensamt arbeta för att hålla rock 'n' rollmusiken, dess historia och dess många talangfulla artister och musiker levande för eftervärlden och kommande generationer - detta genom att dela artiklar som publicerats i våra respektive tidningar genom åren, hjälpa varandra med publicitet och sprida det glada budskapet inte bara till de redan frälsta utan också till sådana som ännu inte delar vår entusiasm och passion för denna musik.



Just before going to print we received the distressing news that our friend Claes-Håkan Olofsson had passed away. This has caused us so much sorrow and the loss is very deeply felt. Born in Frillesås in 1945, from an early age Claes-Håkan became interested in music and the artists who were both creating and performing it. His other interests were sports-related, tug-of-war and cycling were especially close to his heart. He had a true and genuine interest in clubs and over the years gave a lot of support to Löftadalens Dragkampsklubb (The Tug-of-war Club of Löftadalen). 

In 1979 Claes-Håkan was one of the founding fathers of the Swedish Rock ’n Roll Club which ever since then has published American Music Magazine (originally titled: ‘Rock ’n Roll Performers Magazine’).  From the very start he contributed many articles and reviews; and with several artists he was the first to track them down and write something substantial. Two examples were Curley Griffin and the obscure Swedish outfit the Yellow Dynamites. Swedish music was something he really admired and his series on Swedish Skiffle was much appreciated; whilst his articles on Rock-Olga (the only female rock 'n roll singer of any significance in Sweden during the ’50s) and Hillbilly Five (Swedish Country pioneers) reflected his passion.

In later years Claes-Håkan shared his deep knowledge of music through the radio series "Rock och Pop med Classe” (Rock and pop with Classe, Classe being his nickname) on Radio Nostalgi, a local radio station close to where he lived, it could also be heard on the web. He leaves a big void and we'll always remember him as a very dear and compassionate friend.


© Bo Berglind 2016