This is our final printed issue and it really is ‘something else’. It’s our biggest ever with 80 jam-packed pages which deliver the biggest feature to date on the history of the legendary Memphis label ‘Fernwood’. This feature swallows up the majority of the magazine’s pages whilst our colour section has pictures of nearly every record as well as a colour-shot of the owner, Slim Wallace, and the garage on Fernwood Avenue. We still have space for Andy Merey to continue his ‘Instrumentals Forever’ series and for our reviewers to provide you with their usual well-written and knowledgeable pieces on the new interesting record releases.

Our first digital version will be launched in April 2020.  We will feature the activities of the Burnette brothers, Johnny and Dorsey, plus Paul Burlison – this time focussing on their activities up until mid 1956. We have a wealth of material in our files that, with your support, can keep us going for years to come. This includes the results of huge investigations covering the years between 1930 and c. 1960 involving Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley and many others.


Vår sista tryckta nummer är något alldeles extra och det största hittills, på hela 80 sidor. Vi presenterar den hittills största genomgången av legendariska bolaget Fernwood från Memphis, Tennessee som upptar nästan hela tidningen. Färgsidorna är bilder på skivetiketterna samt en färgbild på ägaren Slim Wallace och huset på Fernwood Avenue. Andy Merey får plats med sin serie om instrumentallåtar och våra recensenter ger er sedvanligt genomarbetade recensioner av intressanta plattor.

 Vår digitala version i april 2020 kommer att tillägnas bröderna Johnny och Dorsey Burnette samt Paul Burlison, vi fokuserar i första delen på tiden fram till sommaren 1956. Vi har massor av material liggande, bland annat resultat av stora efterforskningar från 1930- till 50-talet på Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Johnny och Dorsey Burnette, LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley med flera som med ert stöd kan hålla oss igång i flera år.



American Music Magazine is published by the Swedish Rock 'n' Roll Club. We are a non profit organisation devoted to the 1950s rock 'n' roll music and our intention is to document, as far as possible, the early years of rock-a-billy, rock 'n' roll and its related artforms. The text of the magazine is in Swedish and English. Each issue is full of original photographs and discographies.

AM works in co-operation with the "Tales From The Woods" Roots Music Social Networking Group in the U.K. The aim is to collaborate to keep rock ‘n' roll, its history, and its many talented artists and musicians alive for posterity and future generations – this through sharing articles that have appeared in our magazines over the years, helping each other with publicity and generally spreading the word not just to the converted, but also to those yet to share our enthusiasm.


American Music Magazine är producerad av 1950s rockfans för rockfans och är en svensk tidning med både svensk och engelsk text. Tidningen utkommer med tre nummer om året och handlar företrädesvis om 50-tals rock 'n' roll, rock-a-billy och relaterade musikformer som exempelvis hillbilly/country och rhythm ’n’ blues. American Music Magazine drivs helt ideelt utan ekonomisk vinning.

American Music Magazine samarbetar med "Tales From The Wood - Roots Music Social Networking Group" som är ett namnkunnigt engelskt nätverk med bred verksamhet inom vår musik. Syftet är att gemensamt arbeta för att hålla rock 'n' rollmusiken, dess historia och dess många talangfulla artister och musiker levande för eftervärlden och kommande generationer - detta genom att dela artiklar som publicerats i våra respektive tidningar genom åren, hjälpa varandra med publicitet och sprida det glada budskapet inte bara till de redan frälsta utan också till sådana som ännu inte delar vår entusiasm och passion för denna musik.



Rune Krongårdh Sept. 10, 1931 - June 17, 2019


One of my best friends "Mr Western Songs" Rune Krongårdh has left this earth. He lost his fight against cancer and passed away June 17at the age of 87 - he was on his way to be 88 in September.

Around 1963-64 Rune was the first one in Sweden to import country records from the United States which he sold from his home in Bagarmossen, a suburb to Stockholm.

He also started a country music magazine called "Western Songs" that later on with new owners came to be Kountry Korral Magazine in which one Rune had a column called "Words from the Pioneer". He also arranged tours by bus to Norway where we had the pleasure to see Hank Snow, Willie Nelson and many more.

In autumn 1969 he opened a business shop for his activity at Svartågatan in Bagarmossen. It  became a popular place for country music lovers from all over.  I had the honour of painting a wall in the shop as a tribute to his favorite Stonewall Jackson.

When it came to rockabilly Gene Vincent was the one.

We did trips to US together and we visited most of the places that played honky tonk music and had cold beer.  Rune was "Stone Country" just like me.

Rune will always be remembered as an icon in country music in Sweden. The traditional country music was closest to his heart a genre he really did know about.

After closing his shop in 2001 on his 70th birthday he kept on selling country music from his home until his illness took his strenght away.

Rune was a true friend and he's gonna be missed by all country music lovers that came to know him. Besides music Rune loved sport and reading books.

There's a lot more I wanna say about my dear friend, but one thing's for sure we gonna miss you very very much now that you have earned your place in "Hillbilly Heaven"  and gonna meet Hank Williams, George Jones, Jean Shepard, Lefty Frizzell, Ray Price and many more.

See you ole pal! - you will never be forgotten.

Red Jenkins (Björn Raita)


© Bo Berglind 2019